NAIL ART: Easy Fall Tartan For The Holidays


I have partnered with EMMA Beauty to show you this cute nail art with the trendiest colors of this season which are included in their EMMA Beauty's Happy Holidays Collection. I love nail polish and I like collecting them, but now I am more cautious about the brands that I get.  EMMA Beauty's products are PETA certified (cruelty-free and vegan) and their formula is free of the 12+ nasty commonly used toxic ingredients or animal-derived ingredients that most nail polishes have.



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We have seen this location plenty of times... in movies, tv shows, beautiful photos, and definitely on Instagram. Grand Central Terminal is a destination that every tourist has to visit when they come to NY and today's recommendation for all you that want to take beautiful Instagram photos. 
Usually, when you are visiting a place like NYC, you want people to know that you are in this magical hectic city, and an unforgettable and well-known location is the Grand Central Terminal.



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As an emerging fashion designer and someone who really loves fashion in general, my favorite event of all time have to be the MET GALA. This fantastic event is the perfect time for designers and celebrities to have the creative freedom to use their imagination and find the best look that can possibly fit the theme of each year. 
I usually visit each Costume Institute exhibition at least 3 times while the collection is being displayed. It is an opportunity to see and analyze designs from highly-recognized fashion designers from all times and try to get into their mindset of how they had constructed their work and how the designs are related to the selected theme every year. I genuinely love the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, and it has been a second home for me since I moved to NY.



The holidays are coming and everyone starts thinking about what to gift to their special ones, family, kids, friends, and co-workers. I recently received a beautiful ring from L'ATELIER EMMA &CHLOÉ and I realized that I should tell you more about my ring since many of you can get a nice high-quality piece of jewelry to gift for this coming holiday season.



The leopard print fever has faded a little, and there's a new print ruling the scene in the fashion world, I am talking about the cow print. This year the pretty black and white or white and brownish cow print had taken over, and everyone is using it and wearing it. Big brands like Burberry to online retailers like Asos are delivering the popular print that became the official "print trend" of 2019. In my opinion, I think it is adorable, pretty and I really like it.



Dumbo, an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Brooklyn.
This young and very popular area with Belgian-block paved streets, waterfront parks, and artsy boutiques. Dumbo has so many great places to take photos that I think I would have to write about each one of them in different posts.


Best Vacation Spots in South Carolina

Best Vacation Spots in South Carolina

Surfside Beach


Heavily focused on family fun, Surfside Beach prides itself on being the world’s first autism-friendly tourist destination. Local attractions and businesses are trained to interact with families of children with autism empathetically.


FERRAGAMO SS20 Brush Stroke Makeup Trend

Let's talk about the makeup trend that is gaining popularity in the beauty world, the brushstroke trend.
I have seen this makeup style popping on and off the fashion shows for at least four seasons, and now influencers and more makeup artists have been using it and creating fascinating and bold eye-looks around this trend.
At Salvatore Ferragamo, makeup artist Fara Homidi created this multicolored eyelook, which included colorful brushstrokes of bright red, electric teal blue, grass green, canary yellow, and a white pigment for a color-blocked effect. She got inspired by Venetian glass, and I wanted to recreate this look for all of you and explain how I achieve a similar graphic eye look with the brushstroke trend.
I hope you like it, and please tag Fara and me when you create your Ferragamo Eye-look.
Thank you.
Lina Mayorga



Today I want to show another excellent location in New York for everyone looking to take amazing photos for Instagram. Let's talk a little about THE OCULUS, this building is huge, really beautiful and a perfect place to play with the perspective in your photographs. The ceiling steals all the attention due to its unique shape and how it allows the light to illuminate the interior of the building spectacularly.
Can you believe that this impressive place is a shopping mall, a train station with many train lines, and an award-winning architectural structure?



New York Fashion Week is always an exciting time for designers, models, fashion lovers, press, and clients. To be able to be part of fashion week is an excellent experience for anyone!. This year I was able to watch some shows and even though when I didn't present an official new collection for my brand this season, I have been analyzing the market and every silhouette from acclaimed designers' looks.
Today I want to bring you 5 of the trends that I believe would be very important for the months ahead. I wanted to focus first on NYFW, but I have seen these trends during London, Milan, and Paris as well. This assures me that I am correct, and we need to pay attention to these trends. 
If you would like to see my TREND FORECASTING for London, Milan or Paris fashion week, please let me know here with a comment or a message on Instagram.
Thank you,
Lina Mayorga

La Semana de la Moda de Nueva York siempre es un momento emocionante para diseñadores, modelos, amantes de la moda, la prensa y los clientes. ¡Ser parte de la semana de la moda es una experiencia excelente para todos! Este año pude ver algunos shows y, aunque no presenté una nueva colección oficial para mi marca para esta temporada, he estado analizando el mercado y cada silueta de los looks de los grandes diseñadores.
Hoy quiero presentarles 5 de las tendencias que creo que serán muy importantes para los próximos meses. Quería centrarme primero en NYFW, pero también he visto estas tendencias en Londres, Milán y París, lo que me asegura que estoy en lo correcto y que debemos prestar atención a estas tendencias.
Si deseas ver mi PREVISIÓN DE TENDENCIAS para la semana de la moda de Londres, Milán o París, hágamelo saber aquí con un comentario o un mensaje en Instagram.
Lina Mayorga


Emmy Awards 2019 - Fashion Report

The Emmy Awards were presented last night (Sept 22nd ), and I have to give you my honest and critical fashionista point of view. I didn't watch the event because I only care about the dresses that the celebrities wore (I am sorry, Emmys) and I have to tell you that I saw a lot of pink/red and yellow on that purple carpet, and I am not sure if I like it. Let me introduce you to three categories that describe the celebrities' style: "The fashion-forward," "The Well-dressed," and the Need Help." I want your opinion as well, so don't forget to follow me on Instagram and leave me a comment about who the best-dressed of the night was.
Thank you
Lina Mayorga.


NYC INSTAGRAM GUIDE: Flatiron Building

Taking a photo in front of the FLATIRON BUILDING is a must-do for Instagram influencers, and basically, every tourist that visits NY. You are always going to see people taking beautiful photos in front of the building and playing with the angles/perspective that the skyscraper adds to the photograph.
The building is different, and its architecture is impressive. It was designed by architect Daniel Burn and constructed in 1902. It has a triangular shape that resembles a clothing iron; located between Fifth Avenue, Broadway, East 22nd Street, and East 23rd Street. Its official entrance is on 175 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010
Visiting the Flatiron is not something that would take you more than 15 minutes. You are not going to spend the whole day only seeing the building because it's not like you can go inside and enjoy a tour or the view from the top of the building. Even when there are plans to transform the structure into a luxury hotel which may allow people to go inside the building in the future, you can only see the building from outside for now. 

Photo: David Mauricio Vanegas @pdvproducciones, edited by Lina Mayorga


How Are Millennials Using Art For Instagram?

Art has taken a new meaning during this social media era, people are now snapping photos of art pieces of every kind only for the gram. It gets confusing trying to analyze how millennials are using Art for social acceptance or for the "aesthetics". Even when it is clear that the art world is gaining popularity because of this behavior, the concerns about missing out the real meaning of each piece are evident.
The constant desire for sharing an ideal life where art is essential and part of a higher social class has made us seeing art as the perfect complement for our candid photos.
And I have to ask myself: Am I being guilty of partaking in this millennial way of appreciating art? 
Yes!, multiple times I have taken the perfect photo in front of an art piece first and learned about the piece itself after. In my opinion, it is concerning how the real substance of the art piece is not being analyzed in detail by millennials who do this, right?  Most people only think about the visual aspect and the possibility of decorating themselves with the art piece for Instagram and the likes.
This concern reminds me of my own designs and the struggle I sometimes encounter when sharing my story. Sometimes I don't really know if people want to hear the story behind my sustainable clothes or if they only want to see a beautiful dress or look. I understand that a few people want to go in-depth in terms of knowing what I am doing to sustain the fashion industry with my design and production techniques, but more than 60% of people are only seeing with their eyes (if you know what I mean, you know!).

I don't feel proud of taking photos like this if I think about the situation from an art critic's perspective, but since I am a social media influencer who uses art as her background for her photos I see this as "the new way of liking art in this century". I love art and going to museums, so why not show this love on Instagram? 
This concept or tendency applies mostly for murals or modern art, which is more in tuned with Instagram's style or aesthetic, which is very colorful and "happy." When you see classic paintings on social media, the photo would have an elegant and more refined look (something like I am wealthy, well-educated, and I am at a palace with renaissance art pieces, even when you are only visiting a museum). 

For now, we would have to question ourselves and ask if Millennials are really into art and the meaning behind it, or if the Gram is adding another way of appreciating art by taking photos and getting likes for it. I want to be positive and see this as the best way of keeping the art world more active for all the generations.

So while you start writing your opinion below, I want to show you some photos of my outfit and really cool murals with collage-style in Asbury Park, NJ. These murals were located along the boardwalk which was reinvented and decorated with public art to contribute to Asbury Park’s character. They add a summer, vibrant vibe to the place and that means a great location for one-of-a-kind photos and an analysis of the perspective of the artists who created them.

Thanks for reading my blog.
Lina Mayorga


NYC Instagram Tourist Guide: New York Public Library


Styling Hot Summer Pieces 2019

Welcome back to Fashion Fab News, today I want to share with all of you my latest IGTV video and give you some ideas about how to style summer clothing to create amazing looks for this season.
I have created 5 outfits for different occasions and times of the day, so you can get inspired and style your own hot summer looks.
Don't forget to share them with me on Instagram or in the comment section below, so we stay connected and learn from each other's style.
- Watch the video first because it's fun and then you can read more about each look. After you would understand better my thoughts behind the looks and how you can style something similar for yourself.
Thank you!
- Lina Mayorga

Bienvenidos de nuevo a Fashion Fab News, hoy quiero compartir con ustedes mi último video de IGTV y darles algunas ideas sobre cómo combinar la ropa de verano para crear looks increíbles para la temporada.
He creado 5 conjuntos para diferentes ocasiones y momentos del día, para que puedas inspirarte y diseñar tus propios looks de verano.
No olvides compartirlos conmigo en Instagram o en la sección de comentarios a continuación, para que podamos estar conectados y aprender del estilo del otro.
- Primero mira el video porque es divertido y luego puedes leer más sobre cada look. Después podras entender mejor mi pensamiento detrás de cada estilo y asi podras diseñar algo similar para ti.
- Lina Mayorga

summer looks


Summer Bridal Fashion Trends With Cocomelody

Bridal Fashion Trends With Cocomelody


Orange Love Makeup Tutorial - IG Pictorial

I have posted a new makeup pictorial on my Instagram @FASHIONFABNEWS and I wanted to share with all of you here. This is a beautiful colorful makeup with orange and blue aqua shades. My favorite part of this look is how I mixed matte blue eyeshadows with orange and yellows shimmery shadows which give a different visual effect to this eye makeup. Another beautiful aspect of this eye-look is the false lashes which are multidimensional and have a gorgeous delicate shape. This is a great and bold summer eye makeup look that I hope all of you like.

He publicado un nuevo maquillaje en mi Instagram @FASHIONFABNEWS  y quería compartirlo con todos ustedes aquí también. Este es un hermoso maquillaje con muchos colores, especialmente con tonos azul aqua y naranjas. Mi parte favorita es cómo mezclé sombras de color verde azulado mate con sombras de brillos naranjas y amarillos, lo que da un efecto visual diferente. Otro aspecto hermoso de esta maquillaje es que las pestañas son multidimensionales y tienen una forma muy delicada. Este es un look de maquillaje genial y audaz para verano y espero que les guste a todos ustedes.


Happy Pride And 50 Years Of Stonewall

This year in NY, Pride month was heavily marketed around the city. Every street had rainbows, and almost all the stores had something representative of the LGBTQIA+ community. In 2019, we commemorate 50 years of STONEWALL. We celebrate the progress since New York police attacked the Stonewall Inn gay bar 50 years ago and how this event sparked the modern LGBTQ+-rights movement.
At the Rockefeller Center, all the flags were rainbow and beautifully waiving with the summer breeze. I couldn't pass this opportunity and take photos supporting PRIDE and what it means to be part of the LGBTQ+ community. I wore a denim dress that matched the blue of the flags, white accessories and shoes, and my funny Shiba-Inu puppy purse. 

It was incredible to see how many people are supporting the community and just loving whoever they desire. The parade was fantastic, and everyone was so free and happy about being themselves. This celebration brought a gratitude feeling of being part of a city that acknowledges members of the LGBTQIA + and celebrates them. 
Did you celebrate "Pride" in your city? Let me know and show me some photos on IG instagram.com/fashionfabnews/.

Thank you!
Lina Mayorga


- DENIM DRESS: Lina Mayorga.


Este año en Nueva York, el mes del Orgullo Gay se comercializó a gran escala alrededor de la ciudad. Todas las calles tenían arco iris y casi todas las tiendas tenían algo representativo de la comunidad LGBTQIA +. En 2019, conmemoramos los 50 años de STONEWALL. Celebramos el progreso desde que la policía de Nueva York atacó el bar gay de Stonewall Inn hace 50 años y cómo este evento provocó el movimiento de derechos LGBTQ +.
En el Rockefeller Center, todas las banderas eran arcoiris y se movian de lado a lado bellamente con la brisa del verano. No pude dejar pasar esta oportunidad y tomar fotos que respaldaran a el PRIDE (Orgullo) y lo que significa ser parte de la comunidad LGBTQ +. Llevaba un vestido de jean que hacía juego con el azul de las banderas, los accesorios y los zapatos eran blancos y mi cómico bolso del perrito Shiba-Inu.

Fue increíble ver cuántas personas están apoyando a la comunidad y amando a quien deseen. El desfile fue increíble y todos se sintieron tan libres y felices de ser ellos mismos. Esta celebración trajo un sentimiento de gratitud por ser parte de una ciudad que reconoce a los miembros de LGBTQIA + y los celebra.

¿Celebraste el orgullo gay en tu ciudad? Dejame saber y muéstrame algunas fotos en IG instagram.com/fashionfabnews/.
Lina Mayorga


Giambattista Valli x H&M - New Collaboration


Fashion Design Essentials: Necklines and Collars - Episode # 1

Necklines and Collars


Top 3 Best-Dressed At The Billboard Latin Awards 2019


Why Oversized Blazers Are Still Popular ?


Columbia University Lunar Gala Fashion Show 19


Acne Studios S/S ’19 Denim Collection


TOP 5 NYFW Fashion Shows FW19

There is nothing better and greater than fashion week; a crazy time for designers, models, stylist and catwalk producers, but it’s a beautiful time nevertheless. I’m still debating if I should show part of my new collection for this season or wait for the next one and expand the collection. One way or another, I'll let you know. For now, let’s enjoy this TOP 5 of the best NYFW fashion shows for Fall-Winter 2019.
Is any of your favorites not part of this chart?  Let’s discuss it in the comment section below.
Thank you,


The Fulfillment Of The Sustainable Development Goals Through The Fashion Industry.


The Sunny Days in Dolls Kill OOTD


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