6/27/24 Seoul, South Korea

Hair goals alert: Juno Hair is a must-visit in Seoul!

Find your perfect hairstyle faster than a caffeine fix in Seoul, South Korea!

Juno Hair, the easiest salon to find in Seoul! With multiple branches in every neighborhood like Starbucks, getting a great haircut is just a step away! 

Let's talk about my amazing hair transformation at Juno Hair in Seoul.

As a traveler in Seoul, I was determined to try out the famous Korean hair trends for myself. After some research, I stumbled upon Juno Hair, a salon with multiple locations throughout the city I was drawn to their foreigner-friendly services and English-speaking stylists, making it easy for me to communicate my hair desires. Because your girl has been studying Korean for four years, but who knows about hair vocabulary, not me yet lol ?
From the moment I stepped into the salon, I knew I was in good hands. The stylists were professional and friendly, and the atmosphere was sleek and modern. After a quick consultation, we decided on a haircut, styling, and the trendy "Scalp Revival" treatment.

The experience was nothing short of amazing. My stylist was skilled and attentive, making sure I was comfortable throughout the entire process. The scalp treatment was like a facial for my hair - it felt so refreshing and clean! And the haircut and styling? Absolutely stunning. I felt like a K-pop star!
What impressed me most was how easy it was to find Juno Hair. With multiple locations throughout Seoul, I visited one of the two branches in Myeongdong and enjoyed the entire process.
If you're a traveler in Seoul looking for a hair transformation, look no further than Juno Hair. Their foreigner-friendly services, English-speaking stylists, and trendy hair techniques make it a must-visit salon. Trust me, your hair will thank you!
Watch more about my experience here.
Lina Mayorga


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