Dumbo, an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Brooklyn.
This young and very popular area with Belgian-block paved streets, waterfront parks, and artsy boutiques. Dumbo has so many great places to take photos that I think I would have to write about each one of them in different posts.


Best Vacation Spots in South Carolina

Best Vacation Spots in South Carolina

Surfside Beach


Heavily focused on family fun, Surfside Beach prides itself on being the world’s first autism-friendly tourist destination. Local attractions and businesses are trained to interact with families of children with autism empathetically.


FERRAGAMO SS20 Brush Stroke Makeup Trend

Let's talk about the makeup trend that is gaining popularity in the beauty world, the brushstroke trend.
I have seen this makeup style popping on and off the fashion shows for at least four seasons, and now influencers and more makeup artists have been using it and creating fascinating and bold eye-looks around this trend.
At Salvatore Ferragamo, makeup artist Fara Homidi created this multicolored eyelook, which included colorful brushstrokes of bright red, electric teal blue, grass green, canary yellow, and a white pigment for a color-blocked effect. She got inspired by Venetian glass, and I wanted to recreate this look for all of you and explain how I achieve a similar graphic eye look with the brushstroke trend.
I hope you like it, and please tag Fara and me when you create your Ferragamo Eye-look.
Thank you.
Lina Mayorga



Today I want to show another excellent location in New York for everyone looking to take amazing photos for Instagram. Let's talk a little about THE OCULUS, this building is huge, really beautiful and a perfect place to play with the perspective in your photographs. The ceiling steals all the attention due to its unique shape and how it allows the light to illuminate the interior of the building spectacularly.
Can you believe that this impressive place is a shopping mall, a train station with many train lines, and an award-winning architectural structure?

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