New York Fashion Week is always an exciting time for designers, models, fashion lovers, press, and clients. To be able to be part of fashion week is an excellent experience for anyone!. This year I was able to watch some shows and even though when I didn't present an official new collection for my brand this season, I have been analyzing the market and every silhouette from acclaimed designers' looks.
Today I want to bring you 5 of the trends that I believe would be very important for the months ahead. I wanted to focus first on NYFW, but I have seen these trends during London, Milan, and Paris as well. This assures me that I am correct, and we need to pay attention to these trends. 
If you would like to see my TREND FORECASTING for London, Milan or Paris fashion week, please let me know here with a comment or a message on Instagram.
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Lina Mayorga

La Semana de la Moda de Nueva York siempre es un momento emocionante para diseñadores, modelos, amantes de la moda, la prensa y los clientes. ¡Ser parte de la semana de la moda es una experiencia excelente para todos! Este año pude ver algunos shows y, aunque no presenté una nueva colección oficial para mi marca para esta temporada, he estado analizando el mercado y cada silueta de los looks de los grandes diseñadores.
Hoy quiero presentarles 5 de las tendencias que creo que serán muy importantes para los próximos meses. Quería centrarme primero en NYFW, pero también he visto estas tendencias en Londres, Milán y París, lo que me asegura que estoy en lo correcto y que debemos prestar atención a estas tendencias.
Si deseas ver mi PREVISIÓN DE TENDENCIAS para la semana de la moda de Londres, Milán o París, hágamelo saber aquí con un comentario o un mensaje en Instagram.
Lina Mayorga


Emmy Awards 2019 - Fashion Report

The Emmy Awards were presented last night (Sept 22nd ), and I have to give you my honest and critical fashionista point of view. I didn't watch the event because I only care about the dresses that the celebrities wore (I am sorry, Emmys) and I have to tell you that I saw a lot of pink/red and yellow on that purple carpet, and I am not sure if I like it. Let me introduce you to three categories that describe the celebrities' style: "The fashion-forward," "The Well-dressed," and the Need Help." I want your opinion as well, so don't forget to follow me on Instagram and leave me a comment about who the best-dressed of the night was.
Thank you
Lina Mayorga.


NYC INSTAGRAM GUIDE: Flatiron Building

Taking a photo in front of the FLATIRON BUILDING is a must-do for Instagram influencers, and basically, every tourist that visits NY. You are always going to see people taking beautiful photos in front of the building and playing with the angles/perspective that the skyscraper adds to the photograph.
The building is different, and its architecture is impressive. It was designed by architect Daniel Burn and constructed in 1902. It has a triangular shape that resembles a clothing iron; located between Fifth Avenue, Broadway, East 22nd Street, and East 23rd Street. Its official entrance is on 175 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010
Visiting the Flatiron is not something that would take you more than 15 minutes. You are not going to spend the whole day only seeing the building because it's not like you can go inside and enjoy a tour or the view from the top of the building. Even when there are plans to transform the structure into a luxury hotel which may allow people to go inside the building in the future, you can only see the building from outside for now. 

Photo: David Mauricio Vanegas @pdvproducciones, edited by Lina Mayorga


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