Styling Some Of My Sustainable Designs In 5 Categories

Three looks styled with Lina Mayorga's Sustainable designs
I rarely show my designs on my blog and/or wear them myself because I love seeing them on other people first, but I love how versatile and cool they are and how every collection is suitable for different scenarios. Here's the IGtv video I made styling my designs [LINK]. 


The Rise Of Loungewear

Loungewear in a rack with pink and black graphics

This year 2020 impacted drastically every aspect of our lives. One of the things that have changed during the lockdown days is the way we dress. For a lot of people, staying at home means being comfortable, relaxed, and carefree, and we all were "forced" to stay at home during the COVID19. So what happened to our styles during this time? 

A lot of people didn't want to stay in their pajamas the whole day, but also didn't want to wear casual/streetwear or officewear to be at home. This made all of us to redefine our habits, styles, and enjoy comfy clothes that make us look "decent" but feel relaxed and cozy. Loungewear became the new daily fashion, the new normal.  
The rise of Loungewear in the fashion industry is evident, and fashion designers like me have started to analyze the market and incorporate loungewear details in our designs. It is unbelievable to think that when I started designing, I only wanted to make couture or eveningwear, but my style has evolved to a more sportier elegant look. Now I am thinking about how I can combine the elegant classic details of couture, the cool factor of sportswear, and the comfy style and materials of Loungewear. 

I also have been questioning myself if Loungewear could be athleticwear, and I came up with the conclusion that it could be. Even though everyone has different comfort levels and I feel good when I am wearing my gym clothes around the house. Maybe for you, tight clothes are not comfortable, and you prefer wearing loose soft pieces. So pretty much depends on each person and what they like. What do you think? 
I have one or two pairs of leggings to workout that are more compressive, and I wouldn't include them in the loungewear category. Basically, Loungewear means loose clothing in which one feels cozy, wears around the house, and occasionally being worn outside; they have simple silhouettes and soft fabrics.

For Loungewear, I prefer monochromatic looks or sets with similar details for the top and bottom parts. These details add an illusion that the look is complete and well throughout. 
My sets always have unique details and cuts that upgrade the basic style that some loungewear clothes have. As you can see, this grey set has basic leggings, but the top part has only one sleeve, which makes the set to look different and sexier. 
Loungewear popularity increased exponentially this 2020, Are you enjoying the rise of loungewear? Are you wearing cute looks at home or are you still rocking your pajamas? 

I sometimes wear headpieces or accessories that complement the loungewear look and that I can easily take off if I want to take a nap.
Girl Wearing Grey Loungewear Set

"Black loungewear sets always look well. I like the ones with comfy joggers and sweatshirts with elastic trims".

Black loungewear set with joggers and crop sweatshirt

I guess it is OK to have the same or similar styles of loungewear but in different colors. 
Camel loungewear set outfit two photos details
 Any set with joggers can be mix with a loose t-shirt or a sports bra to create an entirely new look to lounge at home.
Olive loungewear set with joggers and crop sweatshirt with elastic trim

Loungewear Looks

by Fashionfabnews



Lina Mayorga( Sustainable fashion designer) at Neonyt Berlin
Lina Mayorga( Sustainable fashion designer) at Neonyt Berlin


The Growth of Fashion Influencers in 2020

Every day when you wake up and grab your phone, you find a new post on social media by an influencer that you like. Fashion influencers and bloggers are writing articles every single minute that help and push people not only to look better but also to buy clothes via all the social media platforms. 


Cut Crease Makeup Look For NYFW

Disty pink and green cut crease makeup look by Lina Mayorga


White Hearts - Valentine's Day Nail Art

I hope everyone had a beautiful Valentine's Day. If you didn't do anything different or strange from your everyday routine, I'm hoping your day went well. Today I want to show you this pretty nail design that can be worn any day because it's simple, feminine, and sweet. 
I didn't do anything strange for Valentine's Day, I only stayed at home and went to the gym, but I spend my time applying nail polish and creating this beautiful design that I hope you like. It is a mix of red, pink and white nail polishes and baby pink glitter.
My natural nails are not really long, and they have never been; that's why this time, I decided to use a set of long nails, and the results came out pretty good. So please don't forget to share your Valentine's Day story with al of us in the comment section. If you painted your nails for this occasion, I would love to see them, so please send me a direct message on Instagram; I want to see your creations, and if you decide to paint your nails similar to mine and post them, please tag Fashion Fab News. 
Thank you for reading.
Till next time,
Lina Mayorga


Oscars 2020 Red Carpet Edition

Isn't the Red Carpet our favorite part of the Oscars?  It is definitely mine and I want to bring you the best looks from this gala with my critique from my fashion-design point of view. Many gowns with champagne shades, a lot of intricated beading and flowy drapey silhouettes were seen during the night.  The Oscars are always the best gala for fashion fanatics and this 92nd Academy Awards that were presented on Sunday, Feb 9th at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood gave us a lot to talk about. 
I want to congratulate all the winners and ask you to please let me know if I forgot to include an amazing look in this post.
Thank you
Lina Mayorga


At Berlin For Neonyt, Sustainable Fashion Hub

Photoshoot at Neonyt Berlin with only Sustainable Fashion Brands


NYC INSTAGRAMMABLE GUIDE: Metropolitan Museum Of Art (The MET)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, best known as The MET, is one of my favorite museums.

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