Time to Invest in Renewable Energy

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woman cleaning solar panels, woman with a white helment, green energy, soclar energy

It is obvious how our mindless and careless mentality and behavior from the past have affected our resources, how the climate is changing drastically, and all the strange phenomena happening in our bodies, animals, and landscapes. But slowly, we realize how important it is to make everything more sustainable and clean now. This is a significant improvement for our society, and I am glad that our mentality is shifting. 

The future is green, and investing in renewable energy projects is becoming the best way to make an environmental impact and a strong financial return. Here is where RE Royalties enters the picture since they have just announced an inaugural green bond offering. RE Royalties Ltd ("RER") is a leading specialty financing company focused on the renewable energy industry (solar, wind, hydro). The Company’s business objectives are to provide shareholders with a strong growing yield, robust capital protection, a high growth rate through re-investment, and a sustainable investment focus.

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What are renewable energies?

They are those energy sources based on the use of natural resources: the sun, wind, water, or plant or animal biomass. They are characterized by not using fossil fuels but only natural resources capable of "unlimited" renewal.

One of their strengths is that they have a very low environmental impact, and they do not generate pollutants. Renewable energies are known as alternative energies or green energies.

What is a Green Bond? 

Green Bonds finance or refinance “Green Projects” that provide clear and quantifiable environmental benefits.

• Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

• Pollution Prevention and Control

• Clean Transportation

RE Royalties Green Bonds will be used to finance investments made in renewable energy generation, energy efficiency management, and sustainable infrastructure. The Green Bonds are for a term of 5 years, provide an interest rate of 6% per annum, payable quarterly and are eligible for all registered accounts such as RRSP, RRIF, RESP, and TFSA.

woman with braids , white turtle neck typing, RE Royalties green bonds , investment in green energy to help the Paris agreement

Why should you invest in green energy? 

- You want to be your own boss and want to invest in something meaningful.

- You are looking to reduce your personal carbon footprint and directly fund the growing green economy.

- RE Royalties Green Bonds offer a great return and environmental benefits.

- You can get a strong fixed income secured against investments made in renewable and sustainable energy projects.

- Global green bond market grew to $254.9B in 20191

- Energy generation is an essential service, which means minimal Impact of COVID-19 on operations.

- Wind and solar are now the cheapest forms of energy generation, and people want affordable energy.

Why am I explaining green bonds and what RE Royalties can offer you?  

Because I am a sustainable fashion designer who wants to inform you about all the best ways to be more eco-friendly and RE Royalties have opened the door for us to learn more about green investments. 

Now that you know a little bit more about RE Royalties' green bonds, renewable energy, and why it could be a good option to invest in this type of energy, you can head to https://www.reroyalties.com/green-bonds and learn more about them.

Thanks for reading,
Lina M Mayorga

Es obvio cómo nuestra mentalidad y comportamiento descuidado del pasado ha afectado nuestros recursos, cómo el clima está cambiando drásticamente y todos los fenómenos extraños que ocurren en nuestros cuerpos, animales y paisajes. Pero poco a poco, nos vamos dando cuenta de lo importante que es hacer que todo sea más sostenible y limpio. Esta es una mejora significativa para nuestra sociedad y me alegra que nuestra mentalidad esté cambiando.

El futuro es verde, e invertir en proyectos de energía renovable se está convirtiendo en la mejor manera de generar un impacto ambiental y una fuerte rentabilidad financiera. Aquí es donde RE Royalties entra en escena, ya que acaban de anunciar una oferta inaugural de bonos verdes. RE Royalties Ltd ("RER") es una empresa líder de financiación especializada en la industria de las energías renovables (solar, eólica, hidráulica). Los objetivos comerciales de la compañía son proporcionar a los accionistas un rendimiento en crecimiento sólido, una sólida protección del capital, una alta tasa de crecimiento mediante la reinversión y un enfoque de inversión sostenible.

¿Qué son las energías renovables?
Son aquellas fuentes de energía basadas en el uso de recursos naturales: el sol, el viento, el agua o la biomasa vegetal o animal. Se caracterizan por no utilizar combustibles fósiles sino únicamente recursos naturales capaces de la renovación "ilimitada".
Una de sus fortalezas es que tienen un impacto ambiental muy bajo y no generan contaminantes. Las energías renovables se conocen como energías alternativas o energías verdes.

¿Qué es un Bono Verde?
Los Bonos Verdes financian o refinancian “Proyectos Verdes” que brindan beneficios ambientales claros y cuantificables.

• Energía renovable y eficiencia energética

• Prevención y control de la contaminación

• Transporte limpio.

RE Royalties Green Bonds se utilizará para financiar inversiones realizadas en generación de energía renovable, gestión de eficiencia energética e infraestructura sostenible. Los Bonos Verdes tienen un plazo de 5 años, ofrecen una tasa de interés del 6% anual, se pagan trimestralmente y son elegibles para todas las cuentas registradas como RRSP, RRIF, RESP y TFSA.

¿Por qué debería invertir en energía verde?

- Quieres ser tu propio jefe y quieres invertir en algo significativo.

- Buscas reducir tu huella de carbono personal y financiar directamente la creciente economía verde.

- Los bonos verdes de RE Royalties ofrecen una gran rentabilidad y beneficios ambientales.

- Puede obtener una renta fija sólida garantizada contra inversiones realizadas en proyectos de energía renovable y sostenible.

- El mercado mundial de bonos verdes creció a $ 254.9B en 20191

- La generación de energía es un servicio esencial, lo que significa un impacto mínimo del COVID-19 en las operaciones.

- La energía eólica y solar son ahora las formas más baratas de generación de energía y la gente quiere energía asequible.

¿Por qué exhibo los bonos verdes y lo qué la empresa RE Royalties puede ofrecerles?

Porque soy una diseñador de moda sostenible que quiere informarles sobre las mejores formas de ser más ecológico y RE Royalties nos ha abierto la puerta para aprender más sobre inversiones ecológicas.

Ahora que sabes un poco más sobre los bonos verdes de RE Royalties, las energías renovables y por qué podría ser una buena opción invertir en este tipo de energía, puedes dirigirte a https://www.reroyalties.com/green-bonds y aprenda más sobre ellos.

Gracias por leer,
Lina M Mayorga


Celebrating Autumn in Upstate NY

Versace logo pants, brown beige medusa logo, Jacquemus polka dot top strapple top, beige top with black dots, trees and leaves and a lake in the background, fall mood, North Salem, NY 2020

Welcome back to Fashion Fab News! It has been a while, I know! 

I think 2020 forced us into a deep introspection of our lives and what matters the most for our present and near future. In my case, I didn't feel my own self and had to work hard trying to heal, understand other people, and learn more about my life in general. 

Something that always helps me when I am separated from myself, it is walking in nature. This year visiting different national parks or regular city parks with my family has been something that grounds me and makes me feel better immediately. It is nice to appreciate nature and its beauty while exercising and talking to your loved ones.

Today I want to share with you one of my family's adventures in nature. We wanted to visit the BALANCED ROCK in North Salem, NY which it's a historical sacred site with a geological feature that has a fascinating shape and energy around it. On our way to this place, we couldn't resist ourselves to stop on the side of the road and appreciate the beautiful lake and natural scenery. 

Two weeks before this short trip, WARDROBE approached me to let me know more about their clothing renting services and how they are helping the fashion industry to be more sustainable with their system. Some of you that have been following me would know that I am a sustainable fashion designer and that this journey has changed me a lot. I was excited to try their renting service because they have luxury brands, their prices for renting are accessible and it was around my birthday date.  

Renting clothes is gaining a lot of popularity because we are caring more and more about our planet, people and what we wear. With a service like WARDROBE, we can try different styles and avoid unnecessary shopping sprees. We all know that one of the environmental crimes of the fashion industry is the OVERPRODUCTION and at least with these fashion renting services we can reduce the excessive consumerism of this season. 

Bienvenidos de nuevo a Fashion Fab News! ¡Ha pasado mucho tiempo, lo sé!
Creo que 2020 nos obligó a hacer una profunda introspección de nuestras vidas y de lo que más importa para nuestro presente y futuro cercano. En mi caso, no me sentía a yo misma y tuve que trabajar duro para tratar de curarme, comprender a otras personas y aprender más sobre mi vida en general.

Algo que siempre me ayuda cuando estoy separada de mí misma es caminar en la naturaleza. Este año, visitar diferentes parques nacionales o parques regulares de la ciudad con mi familia ha sido algo que me motiva y me hace sentir mejor de inmediatamente. Es agradable apreciar la naturaleza y su belleza mientras haces ejercicio y habla con sus seres queridos.

Hoy quiero compartir con ustedes una de las aventuras de mi familia en la naturaleza. Queríamos visitar a BALANCED ROCK en North Salem, NY, que es un sitio histórico sagrado con una creación geológica que tiene una forma y energía fascinantes a su alrededor. De camino a este lugar, no pudimos resistirnos a detenernos al costado de la carretera y apreciar el hermoso lago y el paisaje natural.

Dos semanas antes de este breve viaje, WARDROBE se acercó a mí para informarme más sobre sus servicios de alquiler de ropa y cómo están ayudando a la industria de la moda a ser más sostenible con su sistema. Algunos de ustedes que me han estado siguiendo sabrán que soy una diseñadora de moda sostenible y que este camino me ha cambiado demasiado. Estaba muy emocionado de probar su servicio de alquiler porque tienen marcas de lujo, sus precios de alquiler son accesibles y era alrededor de mi fecha de cumpleaños.
El alquiler de ropa está ganando mucha popularidad porque nos preocupamos cada vez más por nuestro planeta, las personas y lo que vestimos. Con un servicio como WARDROBE, podemos probar diferentes estilos y evitar las compras innecesarias. Todos sabemos que uno de los delitos ambientales de la industria de la moda es la SOBREPRODUCCIÓN y al menos con estos servicios de alquiler de ropa podemos reducir el consumismo excesivo de esta temporada.

If you are looking for a new outfit for thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year's Eve, think about renting pieces from high-end designers and brands on Wardrobe. You can sign up here https://www.wearwardrobe.co/sign_up  and when you check out, use my code OHTV; you'll get $25 to use on your first order. That's a Jacquemus top for you for 4 days ( great deal)!

Polka Dot One-Shoulder Top 
Originally Retails For:$519.00
Wardrobe Renting Price: $20.95 for 4 days
Link: https://www.wearwardrobe.co/items/4339 - use code OHTV for $25 credit

Logo Pants
Originally Retails For:$1,200.00
Wardrobe Renting Price: $32.75 for 4 days
Link: https://www.wearwardrobe.co/items/3667 - use code OHTV for $25 credit

View from lower level Versace logo pants, brown beige medusa logo, Jacquemus polka dot top strapple top, beige top with black dots, trees and leaves and a lake in the background, fall mood, North Salem, NY 2020
- Top: Jacquemus
- Pants: Versace
- Crop Jacket: Lina Mayorga
-Boots: Steve Madden
- Earrings: Ettika

Lina Mayorga Sustainable crop top, Versace logo pants, brown beige medusa logo, Jacquemus polka dot top strapple top, beige top with black dots, trees and leaves and a lake in the background, fall mood, North Salem, NY 2020

Beautiful blue lake and sky in Upstate NY, outfit fall, Versace logo pants, brown beige medusa logo, Jacquemus polka dot top strapple top, beige top with black dots, trees and leaves and a lake in the background, fall mood, North Salem, NY 2020

Bronze makeup look, Hrush inspired, big leaf in front of face, curly hair, black hair, fall makeup, portrait
For makeup, I did a version of Hrush's Bronze makeup look which she created a couple of weeks before for her Youtube Channel. Hrush is a famous makeup artist that has worked with J.Lo, Kim Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner. I like her personality and wanted to give it a try to this makeup look. This look is her go-to style for celebrities. 
These days I have been trying to improve my makeup application techniques by watching tutorials from the best makeup artists like Hindash and Hung Vanngo. 

Here are the products I used / Productos que usé : 
~ Picante Palette - Karity (Shades: Dune, Bobble, Delia, fearless, Embers, Bronzed, and Sunrise).
~ Chocolate Bar - Too Faced (Shades, Semi-sweet, Creme Brulee, and Tripple Fudge).
~ Stay Put Eyeliner - Milani (02 semi-sweet)
~ Tarteist Lip Paint - Tarte Cosmetics (Fortune).
~ Celestial Highlighter Palette - Milani ( Golden Galaxy).
~ Wonder Glow Face Primer - Charlotte Tilbury   
~ Ligh Wonder Foundation - Charlotte Tilbury   (4 Fair)

Para el maquillaje: Hice una versión del look Bronze de Hrush. Ella subio un tutorial un par de semanas atras en su canal de Youtube. Hrush es una famosa maquilladora que ha trabajado con J.Lo, Kim Kardashian y Kylie Jenner. Me gusta su personalidad y quería darle una oportunidad a este look de maquillaje. Este maquillaje es su estilo favorito para todas las celebridades.
Estos días he estado tratando de mejorar mis técnicas de aplicación de maquillaje viendo tutoriales de los mejores maquilladores como Hindash y Hung Vanngo.

Versace logo pants, brown beige medusa logo, Jacquemus polka dot top strapple top, beige top with black dots, trees and leaves and a lake in the background, fall mood, North Salem, NY 2020
Sitting on a rock , cool pose, Versace logo pants, brown beige medusa logo, Jacquemus polka dot top strapple top, beige top with black dots, trees and leaves and a lake in the background, fall mood, North Salem, NY 2020

Arms open , high up, celebrating life, enjoying nature, Lina Mayorga Crop jacket sustainable, beige jacket, neutral tones, Versace logo pants, brown beige medusa logo, Jacquemus polka dot top strapple top, beige top with black dots, trees and leaves and a lake in the background, fall mood, North Salem, NY 2020


MTV Video Music Awards FASHION 2020

VMA Fashion Lady Gaga, Machine Gun Kelly,Bella Hadid

BTS performing their new single DYNAMITE and V breaking the internet as "the guy in the blue suit", Machine Gun Kelly wearing a hot pink outfit when he usually wears black, grey, and white and Lady Gaga wearing like 6 or more face masks and outfits in one night are just a few of the highlights from the MTV Video Music Awards 2020. 
The VMAs were hosted by Keke Palmer and held in COVID-safe outdoor arenas across New York City. Don't ask me why everyone was wearing VERSACE for the VMAs because I don't know, but it is crazy. Here you can find some of the boldest looks from the nigh and some of my thoughts about these red carpet moments. Which one of these looks is your favorite? Let me know.
Thanks for reading,
Lina Mayorga


Craig Green x Moncler Genius FW 2020


Let's talk about the new MONCLER collection; this time was Craig Green, who was in charge of working for the Moncler house and reinventing the brand's style. Moncler Genius showcases eight collections by twelve design partners where experimentation and innovation are welcome and encourage.
On August 5th, Moncler presented the new collection in collaboration with Craig Green: 5 MONCLER CRAIG GREEN, the latest chapter of its Genius Project. Craig Green is a London-born designer who founded his label in 2012 and has been named as one of the Best British Menswear Designers at the Fashion Awards in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

yellow jacket outfit blue outfit red outfit pink blue outfit made of lighweight nylon by MONCLER


My New Skincare Products - DERMA E ANTI AGING

DERMA E Anti Wrinkle products Lina Mayorga skincare routine


How I Wear Biker Shorts For A Glam Look ?

Biker Shorts Outfit Fashion Blogger NYC Cycle Shorts Runway

I am sure that by now, you are more than aware that the biker shorts trend has been in our faces for at least one year or more. I have always hated shorts all my life, and when I started seeing people wearing this style, my anxiety went to the roof. I don't always follow all the trends that I get exposed to, but for some reason, I loved seeing people wearing biker shorts and how cool these can be styled.
I decided to research more about biker shorts in the fashion world since I love researching and trend forecasting. I wanted to know if these shorts have been used by high-end designers before and not only by fashion influencers for Instagram. I was looking for styles from previous seasons that might have inspired people to start this trend, and curiously enough, I found some designers for menswear and womenswear that preceded the boom of the recent resurgence of the biker shorts. 

According to my research, this trend started as activewear. Basically, it was another athletic piece that people adapted to their everyday wardrobe ( Pretty obvious, right?). But the most significant influence for the return of this trend is the fact that we are translating all the 80's and 90's sportswear references to our everyday wardrobes. 

To my surprise, I found biker shorts in catwalks for menswear dated in 2015 by Jeremy Scott with Addidas; also, a look from Margiela that had this trench coat + cycle short combo in 2016 - this style is now commonly worn by trendy guys on social media. In terms of womenswear collections, Opening Ceremony had a collaboration with Chloe Sevigny ('90s-'00s fashion icon) in 2012, and Dolce and Gabbana showed a version of biker shorts with lingerie for their Spring 15 catwalk. 

Of course, the history of biker shorts starts way back than 2012, but I wanted to learn more about the last decade and who put the biker shorts back into our radar. I also found great examples of fashion designers from the 80s who implemented this style. Azzedine Alaïa, for his Fall 1988 collection, used a ribbed knit yellow fabric for biker shorts and paired it with an oversized crop jacket with huge lapels. This is pretty much the silhouette we use nowadays [PHOTO REFERENCE]Probably in the 1930s, when cycling became more accessible, and people starting recreationally practicing the sport was when biker shorts were introduced in the athletic and fashion world. 

Now I believe that I rock this style and make it my own, but since I wasn't a huge fan of shorts before, I wanted to "glamify" my look. I chose a safe option for this outfit to see how I felt about this trend. I matched a pair of black biker shorts that have a silver ring zipper puller detail with an oversized black blazer and a white high-neck top with criss-cross strap details and added silver accessories that match the zipper of the shorts. The sunglasses and purse are fantastic; I love the extreme cat-eye style from Foster Grant sunglasses and the holographic effect of this small purse. For shoes, I wore my strappy heel sandals, and I think they elevated the look altogether. But I would love to know if you wear biker shorts and if you like how I styled them? What other ways would you rock these shorts?  
I would like to hear your opinion and see your looks too.
Thanks for reading,
Lina Mayorga

glam look with biker shorts white and black outfit

Biker Shorts Green hair lina mayorga black cycle shorts white sleeveless top black blazer

Biker Shorts dolce and gabbana ss15 Opening Ceremony 2012

Jeremy Scott ss15 biker shorts with flames Maison Margiela AW16 Cycle shorts


Estoy segura de que a estas alturas, estás más que consciente de que la tendencia de los shorts de ciclista han estado en muy presente en el mundo de la moda durante al menos un año o más. La verdad es que siempre he odiado los shorts toda mi vida, y cuando comencé a ver personas luciendo este estilo, mi ansiedad se subió al techo. Yo soy alquien que no siempre sigue todas las tendencias que se me exponenen, pero por alguna razón, me encanta ver a las personas con estos shorts de motociclista o biker y lo geniales que se pueden combinar.
Decidí investigar más sobre los biker shorts en el mundo de la moda ya que me encanta investigar y pronosticar tendencias. Quería saber si estos shorts han sido utilizados por diseñadores de alta gama antes y no solo por personas influyentes de la moda para Instagram. Empecé buscando estilos de temporadas anteriores que podrían haber inspirado a las personas a comenzar esta tendencia de nuevo, y curiosamente encontré algunos diseñadores para ropa de hombre y mujer que precedieron al auge del reciente resurgimiento de los pantalones cortos de motociclista.

Según mi investigación, esta tendencia comenzó como ropa deportiva. Básicamente, era otra pieza atlética que la gente adapto a su vestuario cotidiano (bastante obvio, ¿verdad?). Pero la influencia más importante para el regreso de esta tendencia es el hecho de que estamos traduciendo todas las referencias de ropa deportiva de los años 80 y 90 a nuestros armarios cotidianos.

Para mi sorpresa, encontré shorts de motociclista en las pasarelas de ropa masculina fechadas a 2015 por Jeremy Scott con Addidas, también encontré que Margiela tenía esta combinación de gabardina + chicle de biker corto en 2016: este estilo ahora lo usan comúnmente los hombre en las redes sociales. En términos de colecciones de ropa de mujer, Opening Ceremony tuvo una colaboración con Chloe Sevigny (ícono de la moda de los años 90 y 2000) en 2012, y Dolce y Gabbana mostraron una versión de pantalones cortos de motociclista mezclados con estilo lencería para su pasarela Primavera 2015.

Por supuesto, la historia de los biker shorts no comienza en 2012, pero quería aprender más sobre la última década y quién puso ahora los pantalones cortos de biker en nuestro radar. También encontré excelentes ejemplos de diseñadores de moda de los años 80 que implementaron este estilo. Azzedine Alaïa para su colección de otoño de 1988 usó un tejido amarillo de punto acanalado para pantalones cortos de motociclista y lo combinó con una chaqueta corta de gran tamaño con enormes solapas. Esta es más o menos la silueta que usamos hoy en día [REFERENCIA FOTOGRÁFICA]. Probablemente en la década de 1930 cuando el ciclismo se hizo más accesible y las personas comenzaron a practicar el deporte de manera recreativa fue en evrdad cuando se introdujeron los shorts de ciclista en el mundo del atletismo y la moda.

Ahora creo que me va muy bien este estilo y lo puedo hacer mío, pero como no era una gran fanática de los shorts antes, quería darle algo de glam a mi look. Elegí una opción segura para este atuendo para ver cómo me sentía con respecto a esta tendencia. Combiné un par de biker shorts que tienen un detalle de anillo en la cremallera plateada con un blazer negro oversized y un top blanco de cuello alto con detalles de tiras entrecruzada y accesorios plateados adicionales que combinan con la cremallera de los pantalones cortos. Las gafas de sol y el bolsito son increíbles; me encanta el estilo extremo de ojo de gato de las gafas de la marca Foster Grant y el estilo holográfico del bolso. Para los zapatos, usé mis sandalias de tacón con tiras y creo que elevaron el look por completo. Pero ustedes que opinan? Te gustan los biker shorts y como los usas?  
Me encataria saber tu opinión. 
Gracias por leer,
Lina Mayorga.

Closer look to biker shorts glam outfit black and white , blazer and sunglasses

close up green hair sunglasses biker shorts balck black blazer white top silver accessories


Styling Some Of My Sustainable Designs In 5 Categories

Three looks styled with Lina Mayorga's Sustainable designs
I rarely show my designs on my blog and/or wear them myself because I love seeing them on other people first, but I love how versatile and cool they are and how every collection is suitable for different scenarios. Here's the IGtv video I made styling my designs [LINK]. 


The Rise Of Loungewear

Loungewear in a rack with pink and black graphics

This year 2020 impacted drastically every aspect of our lives. One of the things that have changed during the lockdown days is the way we dress. For a lot of people, staying at home means being comfortable, relaxed, and carefree, and we all were "forced" to stay at home during the COVID19. So what happened to our styles during this time? 

A lot of people didn't want to stay in their pajamas the whole day, but also didn't want to wear casual/streetwear or officewear to be at home. This made all of us redefine our habits, styles, and enjoy comfy clothes that make us look "decent" but feel relaxed and cozy. Loungewear became the new daily fashion, the new normal.  
The rise of Loungewear in the fashion industry is evident, and fashion designers like me have started to analyze the market and incorporate loungewear details in our designs. It is unbelievable to think that when I started designing, I only wanted to make couture or eveningwear, but my style has evolved to a sportier elegant look. Now I am thinking about how I can combine the elegant classic details of couture, the cool factor of sportswear, and the comfy style and materials of Loungewear. 

I also have been questioning if Loungewear could be athleticwear, and I came up with the conclusion that it could be. Even though everyone has different comfort levels and I feel good when I am wearing my gym clothes around the house. Maybe for you, tight clothes are not comfortable, and you prefer wearing loose soft pieces. So pretty much depends on each person and what they like. What do you think? 
I have one or two pairs of leggings to workout that are more compressive, and I wouldn't include them in the loungewear category. Basically, Loungewear means loose clothing in which one feels cozy, wears around the house, and occasionally being worn outside; they have simple silhouettes and soft fabrics.

For Loungewear, I prefer monochromatic looks or sets with similar details for the top and bottom parts. These details add an illusion that the look is complete and well throughout. 
My sets always have unique details and cuts that upgrade the basic style that some loungewear clothes have. As you can see, this grey set has basic leggings, but the top part has only one sleeve, which makes the set to look different and sexier. 
Loungewear's popularity increased exponentially this 2020, Are you enjoying the rise of loungewear? Are you wearing cute looks at home or are you still rocking your pajamas? 

I sometimes wear headpieces or accessories that complement the loungewear look and that I can easily take off if I want to take a nap.
Girl Wearing Grey Loungewear Set

"Black loungewear sets always look great. I like the ones with comfy joggers and sweatshirts with elastic trims".

Black loungewear set with joggers and crop sweatshirt

I guess it is OK to have the same or similar styles of loungewear but in different colors. 
Camel loungewear set outfit two photos details
 Any set with joggers can be mix with a loose t-shirt or a sports bra to create an entirely new look to lounge at home.
Olive loungewear set with joggers and crop sweatshirt with elastic trim

Loungewear Looks

by Fashionfabnews



Lina Mayorga( Sustainable fashion designer) at Neonyt Berlin
Lina Mayorga( Sustainable fashion designer) at Neonyt Berlin


The Growth of Fashion Influencers in 2020

Every day when you wake up and grab your phone, you find a new post on social media by an influencer that you like. Fashion influencers and bloggers are writing articles every single minute that help and push people not only to look better but also to buy clothes via all the social media platforms. 


Cut Crease Makeup Look For NYFW

Disty pink and green cut crease makeup look by Lina Mayorga


White Hearts - Valentine's Day Nail Art

I hope everyone had a beautiful Valentine's Day. If you didn't do anything different or strange from your everyday routine, I'm hoping your day went well. Today I want to show you this pretty nail design that can be worn any day because it's simple, feminine, and sweet. 
I didn't do anything strange for Valentine's Day, I only stayed at home and went to the gym, but I spend my time applying nail polish and creating this beautiful design that I hope you like. It is a mix of red, pink and white nail polishes and baby pink glitter.
My natural nails are not really long, and they have never been; that's why this time, I decided to use a set of long nails, and the results came out pretty good. So please don't forget to share your Valentine's Day story with al of us in the comment section. If you painted your nails for this occasion, I would love to see them, so please send me a direct message on Instagram; I want to see your creations, and if you decide to paint your nails similar to mine and post them, please tag Fashion Fab News. 
Thank you for reading.
Till next time,
Lina Mayorga


Oscars 2020 Red Carpet Edition

Isn't the Red Carpet our favorite part of the Oscars?  It is definitely mine and I want to bring you the best looks from this gala with my critique from my fashion-design point of view. Many gowns with champagne shades, a lot of intricated beading and flowy drapey silhouettes were seen during the night.  The Oscars are always the best gala for fashion fanatics and this 92nd Academy Awards that were presented on Sunday, Feb 9th at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood gave us a lot to talk about. 
I want to congratulate all the winners and ask you to please let me know if I forgot to include an amazing look in this post.
Thank you
Lina Mayorga


At Berlin For Neonyt, Sustainable Fashion Hub

Photoshoot at Neonyt Berlin with only Sustainable Fashion Brands


NYC INSTAGRAMMABLE GUIDE: Metropolitan Museum Of Art (The MET)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, best known as The MET, is one of my favorite museums.


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