Emmy Awards 2019 - Fashion Report

The Emmy Awards were presented last night (Sept 22nd ), and I have to give you my honest and critical fashionista point of view. I didn't watch the event because I only care about the dresses that the celebrities wore (I am sorry, Emmys) and I have to tell you that I saw a lot of pink/red and yellow on that purple carpet, and I am not sure if I like it. Let me introduce you to three categories that describe the celebrities' style: "The fashion-forward," "The Well-dressed," and the Need Help." I want your opinion as well, so don't forget to follow me on Instagram and leave me a comment about who the best-dressed of the night was.
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Lina Mayorga.
This category is for the Avant-garde, the ones that looked amazing on the red carpet with styles that suited them correctly, the ones who thought about their choices before stepping on the red carpet (purple for the Emmys), the ones who we should applaud... This category is for the fashion-forward celebrities, and these are my top members for the "Fashion Forward" Category:  

She wore a customed emerald green gown from Vera Wang. The dress matched perfectly with her reddish brunette hair and the sheer corset bodice with the wrap skirt made the piece very elegant and sexy. 
Zendaya wearing a green dress

Naomi Watts
This was a really classic but modern Dior Haute Couture gown with a bustier-corset style and a layered crinoline bottom. This dress shows how design can be transformed into something elegant, chic, and different without leaving the characteristic style of the Dior house. 

Kendall Jenner
My favorite was Kendall Jenner! She wore a Richard Quinn's look with a latex high-neck top and a floral gown which were the huge statement of the night. The contrast of the dominant and feminine side played really well together for this look. She looked amazing!.

It was refreshing to see this vibrant purple color during this event. Julia Garner wore an amazing draped gown to the gala with a one-shoulder silhouette from designer Cong Tri.

This category is for the celebrities who looked beautiful and elegant with classic styles. Suited looks for the event, their body types, and acceptable silhouettes/designs for the public view.

Emilia Clarke
The Game of Thrones' actress looked terrific with this navy gown from Valentino with a deep V neckline. I really like how they cut this dress, and how they accentuated the hip line with another material for the bottom part of the dress and a cinched waist with the sheer fabric. 

Maisie Williams
She wore a custom creation by JW Anderson, made in collaboration with her boyfriend, Reuben Selby. The length and the sparkling details of this dress made it different and youthful for the gala. 

MJ Rodriguez
The color of this gown is everything! MJ wore a Jason Wu for the gala, and she did a tremendous first-time appearance to this event.  The hair, makeup, accessories, and the dress made a great look that I needed to see on this purple carpet. 

You know why this category is called '"Need Help"! Basically, they need help, didn't look right, need a good stylist or designer to work with. 

Taraji P. Henson
She wore a Vera Wang with a really sheer pink fabric that showed the under-layer of her dress which had a beige color and a really awkward length. Not sure if this was intentional, but I think it lowered the elegance of the gown.

Sarah Silverman
Something that I can wear to go to the mall, but not HER! And not for the Emmys! I guess she wanted to make a statement and prove that she doesn't need a beautiful dress for this important event; I really don't know. Maybe she was busy and forgot the award show, so she had to go with her regular clothes just to be present at the event. What do you guys think? 

Julissa Bermudez
Poor Julissa, so many people are creating memes of her dress and a banana peel. That's all that I have to say! You can see it by yourself and understand why she needs help. 

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