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There is nothing better and greater than fashion week; a crazy time for designers, models, stylist and catwalk producers, but it’s a beautiful time nevertheless. I’m still debating if I should show part of my new collection for this season or wait for the next one and expand the collection. One way or another, I'll let you know. For now, let’s enjoy this TOP 5 of the best NYFW fashion shows for Fall-Winter 2019.
Is any of your favorites not part of this chart?  Let’s discuss it in the comment section below.
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I am a fan of Brandon's work, meeting him and taking a photo with him two years ago during another designer's show would always be the highlight of my NYFW time. This season he created amazing pieces which are so wearable, so NYC and definitely elegant. He is not trying too hard to be relevant to the new avant-garde styles, he is designing sleek timeless pieces that every woman would appreciate. Brandon Maxwell presented a collection in honor of his mother at New York’s Penn Plaza Pavilion and his elegant silhouettes are definitely part of my top-5.

It is exciting to see how Mac Jacobs has changed his style in the last 3 seasons. His style is more trendy and bold making the NY runway season original again. He is stepping out of "the minimal oversized black and white" look that has been so distinctive from NYFW. 
This season Jacobs used a crazy amount of ruffles, feathers ( I'm hoping not real), feather-like details, colorful fabrics, and A-Line or trapeze silhouettes. Some looks reminded me of his time at Louis Vuitton, especially at the beginning of the show.  
Although, I had a hard time trying to find a rhythm through the show. Bits of styles here and there not making the overall collection very cohesive, but each look carried its own beauty and Jacobs brought enough attention this season. 

An amazing new brand called KHAITE impacted NYFW and made a really good first impression. I really like what Khaite is doing and believe they deserve to be in the TOP 5 Best shows for this season. Every single look has pieces that I see myself wearing. Great proportions with a classic style, a style for a modern elegant woman from the Renaissance who wears jeans and leather pants, and bold statement sleeves are some of the elements I want to highlight from this collection by Khaite. I like this brand a lot because it has a similar style to mine which is feminine and daring at the same time. 

Vaquera is a modern brand with a different grungy style. In my opinion,  Vaquera stood out for their inclusivity during the show with models of all shapes and looks. I have to say YES to their oversized cardigan and pants, guys with skirts and dresses and that "I want to be comfy but cool" vibe. There's a strong feeling in me that knows that Vaquera can become very popular if they continue creating styles like the one at the end of the show. 

Wes Gordon! What have you been doing? An incredible job, that's for sure!.
At the New York Historical Society, the show brightened the cold NY day with colorful pieces in fuchsia, yellow and electric blue mixed with classic black and white items. For fall, Carolina Herrera is offering a new redefined style. Something different and refreshing from what we are used to seeing from this fashion house. The influence from the creative director Wes Gordon is very clear and noticeable, the brand is updating its statement look and I am not mad at this at all. 

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