Summer Bridal Fashion Trends With Cocomelody

Bridal Fashion Trends With Cocomelody

"First, watch my Youtube video about wedding dresses and my visit to the Cocomelody store.

Wedding season is in full swing; if you’re a bride-to-be, you don’t need to pay high prices for a gown that’s high quality and beautiful. I have partnered with Cocomelody, an international bridal brand, to bring you the latest bridal trends of this season.  

Cocomelody not only sells dresses online, but they also have physical stores and pop-up shops. You can find where they are located here. I went to one of their pop-up stores here in New York and the people working there, the interior design and the styles I tried on succeed my expectations. The store was decorated with millennial-pink curtains, plants, flowers, and delicate and modern furniture. All the gowns were perfectly organized and the people helping me were really nice. Cocomelody even has a Facebook group for Cocomelody-brides and Cocomelody-bridesmaids where they can share their shopping experience and wedding photos in the group if you are interested. 

When women are looking for a wedding dress, there are 4 important aspects when selecting a designer or a company that can provide exactly what the bride always wanted in a dress. Firstly, women need to find a bridal brand that delivers high-quality fabrics, styles, and services; another important aspect is the product affordability and if the brand you like offers payment options and, of course, realizing if the gowns fit your budget or not. Thirdly, women need a company that offers a wide range of sizing or even better custom-sizing; and lastly, the most important aspect for a bride should be loving the dress no matter what people think and be the one that is happy with it (not because your mother, sister or BFF likes it).

From my designer and fashion influencer perspective, these are the trends that I have seen lately and the ones that make wedding dresses unique and beautiful nowadays. I hope you like them because I even tried wedding dresses from each trend so you can understand better what the bridal fashion scene is offering this season.

Thanks to Cocomelody for allowing me to show you these styles and don’t forget to check them out. https://www.cocomelody.com/

Champagne Wedding Dresses

I have noticed that wedding gowns look more elegant when they have an underlayer in a beige/champagne tone. Dresses that are not 100% shiny white have more personality and are being worn more for this season. Champagne details and fabrics give a slight vintage style to wedding gowns and make them look more modern. A good example of this trend is this classic princess-like gown from Cocomelody which bodice fit me perfectly and had a white tulle outer layer and a champagne lining. This contrast of fabrics and colors created a nice visual effect and made this dress even dreamier.


Trumpet-Mermaid Court Train Tulle Lace Wedding Dress

Mermaid Court Train Tulle Lace Wedding Dress
Silhouette: Trumpet 
Material: Tulle, lace, poly.
Neckline Style: Strapless sweetheart.
Color: Ivory/Champagne.

White Satin Dresses 

Even when champagne and beige tones are popular for this season, if you still want to get married in a white dress I highly recommend you find one made of satin fabric. This kind of fabric has a sheen that is always appreciated in the bridal fashion world. This kind of fabric makes the draping of the dress to look bolder and it shows every fold better. Let’s take a look at the dress I tried...The neckline is the statement part of this dress, but look at the shoulder piece - the draping folds of the off-the-shoulder section are very defined and crisp; this is achieved thanks to this polyester fabric which pearlesque effect makes it also to look more luxurious.
A-Line Pearl Yarn And Acetate Satin Wedding Dress

Acetate Satin Wedding Dress
Silhouette: A-line 
Material: Acetate Satin
Neckline Style: Off-The-Shoulder
Color: Ivory/White

Intricate Lace

Lace fabric and trims are staples in the bridal industry. Lace has become indispensable for wedding gowns and for this season finding a different and intricate lace piece is trendy and looked upon. 

The trick is to find a gown with the right balance between an intricate lace fabric and an airy and minimalist silhouette. If you are looking for a classic, simple, and elegant style with a special lace fabric, Giselle from Cocomelody is a match for you. 

It is a classy mermaid style featuring an intricate lace and beaded straps. Delicate, different, and also bohemian.

Giselle LD5779

Trumpet-Mermaid Sweep-Brush Train Lace Wedding Dress
Lace Wedding Dress

Silhouette: Mermaid 
Material: Lace, Poly lining
Neckline Style: Spaghetti Straps/V
Color: Ivory

In need of a bridal gown or special occasion dress with pockets to fit your gloss and your phone? This last trend is the answer, it is special and every woman would like it. For a long time, women have been dreaming to have dresses with pockets and now more than ever this is possible. A bride with pockets in her wedding gown is the trendiest and coolest details that she can showcase during her special day. It is great that you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort because your dress has pockets since this type of dresses were constructed carefully so the pockets would not change the silhouette of the dress. 

At the Pop-up store, I tried Aurora, a bridesmaid dresses with an amazing mustard shade, I really like the color, the sexy split, and a classic neckline. 

Aurora CB0280

Silhouette: A-line 
Material: Stretch Blend
Neckline Style: Bateau
Color: Freesia (Bright Mustard)

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to comment which one of these dresses was your favorite. Also follow FFN on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Sponsored Post by Cocomelody; ideas and opinions are my own.

Thanks for reading,

Lina Mayorga

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