My name is Lina Mayorga. I'm from Colombia , but now I live in New York City. I am a recent graduate of Fashion design from Parsons The New School for Design in New York City.
I started www.fashionfabnews.com on October 23rd ,2010 . Initially, I wanted to share posts about high fashion and fashion design, but I'm adding different topics every time. Topics like my personal style, celebrities' style, beauty, makeup,nail art and so on, but everything is focused on what it's seen on the runway and created by designers like myself.
My blog is bilingual (Spanish and English) and what I intend is to help people to know and learn about fashion and trends starting from the roots of the industry, design.
I'm a fashion lover looking to venture into the fashion world, starting with my philanthropic mission with this blog and showing that fashion is not just a business ... It's what governs the new world. 

Important things to know about Lina and Fashion FaB NeWs :
Datos importantes que deben saber de Lina y Fashion FaB NeWs:
  • Nominated for Hispano Blog Awards in " Best Fashion Blog" Category.
  • Attendee to "Hispanicize 2011" (The Annual Event for Latino Trendsetters & Newsmakers ) 
  • Attendee to IFBCon 2012 ( Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference )
  • Fashion Press at ExpoColombia International Miami 2011 
I have worked with brands like: 
He trabajado con marcas tales como:

  • Duane Reade
  • Fashionista for http://wallshops.com/
  • Liz Claiborne
  • Jcpenney
  • Sally Hansen
  • Jergens 
  • Discovery Clothing Co.
  • L'Oreal
  • Mia Mariu Makeup 

    I want to share with you my first post about who I am. It is in Spanish,my native language. Who am I? Quien Soy ? :)
For personal contact, please email  bbyfab@fashionfabnews.com


Mi nombre es Lina Mayorga. Soy de Bogota, Colombia pero actualmente vivo en Nueva York. Recientemente de gradue de  diseño de modas de "Parsons The New School for Design" en la cuidad de Nueva York.
Empecé con www.fashionfabnews.com en Octubre 23 del 2010. Inicialmente quería compartir articulos referentes a la alta costura y al diseño de modas, pero con los años he estado agregando nuevos temas tales como mi estilo personal, el estilo de las celebridades, belleza, maquillaje y muchas más.

Mi blog es bilingüe (Español e Ingles) y su ideal principal es el de ayudar a las personas a conocer y aprender acerca de la moda y sus tendencias.

Soy una amante de la moda que busca incorporarse en la industria empezando con mi misión filantrópica con este blog para poder mostrar que la moda no es solo un negocio... Es lo que gobierna el nuevo mundo.


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