FERRAGAMO SS20 Brush Stroke Makeup Trend

Let's talk about the makeup trend that is gaining popularity in the beauty world, the brushstroke trend.
I have seen this makeup style popping on and off the fashion shows for at least four seasons, and now influencers and more makeup artists have been using it and creating fascinating and bold eye-looks around this trend.
At Salvatore Ferragamo, makeup artist Fara Homidi created this multicolored eyelook, which included colorful brushstrokes of bright red, electric teal blue, grass green, canary yellow, and a white pigment for a color-blocked effect. She got inspired by Venetian glass, and I wanted to recreate this look for all of you and explain how I achieve a similar graphic eye look with the brushstroke trend.
I hope you like it, and please tag Fara and me when you create your Ferragamo Eye-look.
Thank you.
Lina Mayorga

Vogue, Image Source: Getty / Daniele Venturelli
What you would need
- Several synthetic brushes.
- Mehron Makeup Palette.
- Fluide Clear Gloss.
- Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in "Bitch Please."
- Covergirl Dark brown concealer.
- Jane Iredale BB cream.

How I did it
- The Skin is very natural with light makeup - minimal foundation.
- Eyebrows are bushy and ashy.
- Prime eyelids.
- I used Mehron paints and added the bigger strokes first.
- Apply lighter colors first.
- Use new brushes for each color.
- Messily add the smaller strokes.
- Apply light coral nude lipstick.
- With a clean brush, add clear lipgloss on top of the main strokes.
- Add lipgloss around the eye look onto the clean skin for a glowy style.
- Add some freckles. I went on top of my natural beauty marks with a dark brown concealer.
- Add white eye pencil or 'paint' on the lower waterline.
- Add light contour if desired.

Instagram is the new source of inspiration for a lot of people, and the best way to display your creations. This trend is being used a lot these days for minimal but colorful looks, and some accounts are creating exceptional and very professional looks.

As I mentioned before, this trend has been having a moment in the fashion industry for a while. The different aspect this season is that the "paint" looks chunky and more like acrylic paint when you use a good amount of it on canvas.

Some examples:

Carolina Herrera for Fall 19
Makeup artist Romy Soleimani for Bobbi Brown created a painterly look at Carolina Herrera with vivid brush strokes across the eyes.

Max Mara for Spring 17
Light brush strokes of black, reds, and pastel colors. Subtle strokes on the eye area. Defined strokes!.

Are you ready to try this trend? 
Let me know!

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