Columbia University Lunar Gala Fashion Show 19

It is always nice to be reached out by different people who like my work. The students from Columbia University, to be more exact the students from the 'Chinese student club' invited me to be part of their Lunar year event. The Lunar Gala fashion show showcased different emerging designers and also several performances by Asian American students and admirers of the culture. It was a different fashion show, something more playful and meaningful for the students since they were the ones walking down the runway with the designs. 

I presented for this event my collection inspired by the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals in Hong Kong more than a year ago and additional pieces which I have created for men and also pieces from different projects. It was nice to see how all my collections can be combined together and still show the special style of each one.
The event had sponsors like the popular Bubble Tea company "Gong Cha" and the app "hooli". The promo video for this event was really well done and I want to share it with you (Promo Video), it is really good! please watch it.
For the fashion show day, I decided to match my dark blue hair with a monochrome look, blue accessories and my hair in a high ponytail. This blue set is really comfortable and it can be dressed up or down. I am a huge fan of wearing monochrome outfits and I hope this look convince you to wear one color from head to toe. I am working on creating more looks to add to this collection, so stay tuned for more colorful sustainable pieces. 
Special thanks to the students of Columbia University for inviting me to be part of this event.
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- Lina Mayorga


- Blue Velour Set - Fashion Nova
- Blue Booties - Public Desire 
- Tassel Earrings: Colorful4U


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  1. Thank you for sharing your gorgoeus tassel earrings!!!



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