How Straw Hats Elevate Your Look + OUTFIT Demo

Straw hats are a huge trend 

Straw hats are a huge trend for summer, resort season, and are surprisingly great for those sunny fall days. They're fun, comfortable, and an easy way to add some color, texture, and dimension to your outfit. If you've never tried wearing straw hats before, now's the time!

Straw hats are the perfect accessory for adding some fun to your looks this season—and they come in all sorts of styles: from cute boaters and bucket hats to large sunhats that cover your entire body like an umbrella. No matter which style you choose, there's no denying that these accessories will elevate any look!

Today I am showing you how I style straw hats to create a look that is all about casual luxury. I assembled the look making sure is comfortable, but also stylish and fun.

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