Why Oversized Blazers Are Still Popular ?

The magic that an oversized blazer has is really impressive; it can become the statement piece of your look and transforms a casual outfit into your next favorite go-to outfit. I am not sure if this is going to be my last fall/spring look for this season, but I really don't mind keep showing you this type of looks. I think no matter what the weather is, it is important to understand how oversized blazers are so popular nowadays.
Women wearing men's pieces have been something that started a long time ago when they started ditching the tight corsets and heavy petticoats.  Coco Chanel definitely played a big role in the blazer/suit trend for women and now we really own this type of men's inspired piece. Women wear blazers on a daily basis and the oversized look has become the most fashionable way to wear it.
Maybe it was the influence of fashion editors and models who wore their blazers two sizes bigger than their own, but this trend seems to be getting stronger and not leaving the fashion scene for now
That's why today I want to show you my "Oversized Blazer" OOTD. In New York the weather is very strange, May is around the corner but I still find myself wearing outwear every time I have to leave my house. It is windy and it's been raining every day! other days are sunny but cold - strange, right? it's called global warming!
I love Fall/Winter fashion, so I don't mind this weather, but it is definitely odd knowing that you have to wear layers when everyone else is wearing bikinis around the world. Are you a fan of this style of blazers?

- Lina M.


 * Flare Jeans: Free People.
* Blazer: Monki.
* Lace Blouse: Dolls Kill.
* Belt: Vintage.
* Boots: Steve Madden.

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