Gym Wear Becomes Streetwear OOTD

Gym Wear Becomes Streetwear OOTD

Before the weather became incredibly cold and I didn't want to leave the house, I started thinking that I wanted to wear more tracksuits this season. I am working for myself nowadays for my brand Lina Mayorga and I don't necessarily need to be all dressed up wearing heels and dresses when I am my own boss. I spend my day working on my new designs and around 5 PM I like going to the gym every day.
Wearing tracksuits add an illusion that you actually had the thought of matching your top with your bottoms, but we all know that these pieces come in a set like that on purpose. The illusion is a plus and I enjoy monochromatic looks the most, so you can't go wrong. 
And even when sets like the one I am wearing for this OOTD post are not considered "athleticwear" because the material is softer and comfier than the poly-spandex-antibacterial-4-way-stretch fabric of most of the sportswear pieces, no one is stopping me from wearing it at the gym when I know I am not going to do some crazy workouts. It is also a look for those days when I feel great and want to be extra at the gym. 
I really hope you like this relaxed style and give me your opinion about making gym wear into streetwear and please tell me if you would wear this on a daily basis.
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- Lina Mayorga

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