The Plastic Tree is in NYC

This is the "Plastic Tree" by Pascale Marthine Tayou at the Richard Taittinger Gallery. The Plastic Tree is only one part of the exhibition called "Colorful Line" which was curated by Jerome Sans. He offers a view on how Pascale Marthine Tayou works with color, objects from his hometown, nature and how he explores different art mediums like plastic.
"Plastic Tree" is very impressive. Tree branches grow horizontally from the wall and have colorful plastic bags that go in the direction of an invisible "wind flow". 

Visiting this small gallery was definitely on my to-do list, mainly because of the meaning that this specific piece of art has behind its beauty. I thought this installation resonated with my mindset and my design style very well. I am someone who is pretty aware of the problems that plastic causes to our planet; I am a sustainable vegan designer and pro-recycling. Recycling plastic can be a challenging thing to do when products weren't made of 100% polyester because it gets nearly impossible to separate the fibers to reuse them later. 'Plastic tree' definitely made me reflect on the harmful effects of pollution and consumerism, as well as, the huge amount of plastic that is produced every day in the world.  

If you are in Lower East Side in New York and want to see this artist's work, you still have time to visit the exhibition since it would be displayed at the gallery until August 22nd, 2018. 


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