Finally Trying Something For My Sensitive Ears

I am a huge fan of earrings and accessories, but I have always had the same problem with my earrings after wearing them for a few hours. My ears start to itch, irritate and even swell up. I decided to stop wearing earrings at all. If I felt I had to wear some for a special occasion, I wouldn't wear any earrings that weren't made of gold or an expensive metal. 
I encountered a brand called STUDEX which was founded in 1976 in Los Angeles and has driven innovation creating allergy-free fashion earrings for over 40 years. I wanted to give it a try and wear one pair of their earrings for sensitive ears since I was missing the way I look with earrings and was having a hard time with other kinds of accessories for my ears.
It's perfect that you can buy these earrings on Amazon and that they are great for men and women. If you have a prime account, you can start using your new Studex in less than 3 days.
If you wanna know more about this brand and their products keep reading and also visit their Amazon Store  , their website or their Instagram .

1) Studex Sensitive Earring Studs (Gold-plated Cubic Zirconia)
2) Studex After Care and Maintenance Lotion, recommend for daily use, cleaning the ear and earrings.
3) Tiny Tips for Kids (gold plated “Daisy” cut)

Studex Sensitive Earrings Facts:
  • Allergy Free (hypoallergenic).
  • Sterilized and sealed packaging.
  • Medical Grade, Surgical Stainless Steel.
  • 24K Gold Plated.
  • FDA Compliant Manufacturing and Sterilization Process.
  • Lifetime Guarantee and Made in the USA.
  • Over 60 different styles to choose from.

I have been wearing these earrings every day because they go well with every outfit and look expensive. I don't have any itchiness or irritation with the "Studex" and I highly recommend them to people who recently got their ear pierced and are looking for pieces that are delicate and with a nice design.
Studex's maintenance lotion is really good as well and I have been thinking to get another mini-piercing on my ear because with this product I am not afraid of getting a painful irritation that other kind of earrings would give me. Let me know if you give them a try and like them like I do. Thank you!

- Lina Mayorga.
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