I have a new video on my Youtube Channel " FASHION FAB NEWS" and I 'd love if you can watch it and comment about it.
I had the opportunity to go to Ryan Roche's fashion show to see her Spring-Summer 2017 collection. I decided to create a video to express my opinions on the garments and show you everything about that day, from #ootd to my thoughts about the looks. New York Fashion Week is a huge deal and I'm glad I got the chance to go to RYAN ROCHE'S standing fashion presentation. 
- Lina Mayorga

I'm very surprised by the fact that I didn't know much about this designer before her collection for Fall 2016. Ryan Roche is the definition of an effortless and classic style.
Nowadays, when a designer uses shades of beige or white we usually want to make the assumption that the style is minimalistic. That's what I thought when I saw Ryan Roche's collection. Now, when I am not in front of the models I can see that Roche's looks have very clean cuts and loose shapes, but it is not necessarily a minimalistic collection. Ryan Roche's Spring - Summer 2017 is actually very feminine and chic. I am a huge fan of flared and high-waisted pants and Roche designed plenty of those. 

The highlight of the day, at least for me, was to see Brandon Maxwell. I really like his designs and admire his work since he was working with "Mother Monster", Lady Gaga.  I couldn't contain myself and asked him for a selfie. he was there to support and congratulate Ryan Roche.

Brandon Maxwell and Lina Mayorga.
Julian MacKay was dancing among a circle of models dressed in beige garments. He really gave a different vibe to the standing show and it was a beautiful performance. To sum up, Ryan Roche's garments are very wearable with beautiful beige and white shades. It might not be revolutionary, but it's definitely well put together and clean.

Simple and classy 


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