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When I was moving to my new apartment I broke all my nails while packing and unpacking my stuff. I know it sounds crazy, but I've always had pretty weak nails. Now that I'm vegan I've seen an improvement, but my fingernails couldn't put up the moving process.  My nails were so short that no matter what I did to try to fix them everything looked awful. To my surprise, I found the easiest manicure option, press-on nails.
I love nail art and having fake nails is not something that I do, but I remembered that I had two packages of press-on fake nails sitting on my table. I had to use them! I kindly received this product a long time ago, but I didn't have the time to test it out till now. You can actually see more about this brand on their website  www.imPRESSmanicure.com 

Facts about this press-on nails kit:

- You only need to peel backing and press on.
- No drying time and no mess.
- Safe on natural nails.
- Mega gel shine.
- UltraHold Technology keeps nails on for like a day or two if you don't bite them or do crazy things with them on. 
- The price is great . Just $7.99 at Walgreens, so you can buy them on the go when you need a quick manicure.
- These nails are very short. If you have natural long nails, they won't work for you.
- They come with a small file and a prep pad. A must for people with no time!

*I got two different styles:
  1. The first one was a kit with bright coral-pink nails and two heart jewels. I didn't like the hearts because they were too big to be placed on the fake nails and the sticky backing wasn't really good.  I decided to press on the nails without the jewels and I love the color and how shiny they were. SCORE: 7.5/10.
  2. The second one was more modern and pretty. It had beige and glitter nails which create a very nice manicure. The beige nails were mate and they looked more delicate than the bright coral-pink ones. SCORE: 8/10.


Which one do you prefer? Are you going try these press-on nails?
Let me know in the comment section below.
See you tomorrow.
- Lina Mayorga

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