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Today I want to go deeper and analyze the looks that Korean singer, idol, and icon ' Mino ' wore for his music video, TANG 탕!. As a fashion designer and stylist, I definitely enjoy reacting to all the fashion looks in music videos. It is inspiring to see what the artists and their teams bring to the fashion and music scene. 

I have reacted on my Youtube channel to Mino's song called TANG; please find it below if you want to watch my reaction. Let's start with all the looks, and don't forget to share your opinion about all the outfits.



We have here the first ensemble for this music video, and it is a sparkly cowboy look. I am not a big fan of glitter or velvet fabric, but the vibrant set design and the storyline of this music video made me like this look. The cowboy hat was definitely my favorite part, and yes! We have seen this before, but never as glittery as this one.

The pants are a bit loose for my taste, especially with the pants inside the cowboy boots. I honestly wasn't expecting those proportions for this look. If you look closely, you can notice that the top part has more structure than the lower part. The baggy pants and the glittery jacket with the sturdy glitter panels disrupt the cowboy silhouette that we are used to. 


My favorite look from the entire music video is this hot pink madness. I said it on my youtube video, and I am saying it here again "When I think about Mino, I think this is what we would be wearing." Even though this look is very matchy-matchy with the pink hair, the pink fur jacket, and the pink details on the jeans, I love how excessive and urban it looks at the same time. Surprisingly, this is a DG look from head to toe, the jeans are the only ones from another brand, and they are amazing. 

* Dolce & Gabbana Hot Pink Faux Fur Coat = $8,500 usd
* Cool T.M Ripped-design Jeans = $1,250 usd
* Dolce & Gabbana Mixed-materials Space sneakers = $1,095 usd


This look surprised me and didn't disappoint. When the overly exposed and promoted Gucci has us all exhausted of their branding, Mino comes and makes this Gucci suit look effortlessly cool. 
This heavy patterned Gucci suit is excellent for the music video and that specific scene. The suit's colors go well with Mino's hairstyle and the background. In general, the entire video's set design is captivating and planned really well. 
Flare pants and a blazer with a longer length were a hit here. 

* Gucci 100 Horsebit Print Velvet Blazer €2,500.00


Tang starts with this look, and the music video and Mino definitely needed this type of look, a simple and more relaxed look. The other outfits I showed you are more intricated or fancy, and this outfit shows a messy Mino in his messy room. Tracksuit pants, leopard print hair, and a tee with holes are some elements that make this look unique, but not get it twisted; the stylist definitely put some thought when arranging everything together. Firstly, the look has pieces from luxury brands, and secondly, everything goes well together with the set and the story of the video. 

Amiri Crew Neck T-shirt = $379
Balenciaga Sporty B Track Pants = $1,250

This last look didn't impress me as much as the other ones. We don't really get to see it as much during the music video, but I know it was worn for some promotional performances, as well as a similar orange ensemble that wasn't shown in TANG. The boots are my favorite part, but I couldn't find a good picture of Mino wearing them; I know they are from SIDI, a motorcycle and cycling clothing and shoe company.  

*SIDI ST Boots = $350 

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