TAEMIN 태민 'Advice' MV Fashion Reaction and Analysis

If you are coming directly from Youtube, Hello! Thanks for watching my video. Here you would be able to find some of the pieces that Taemin wore for his music video called 'ADVICE'. Also, you will see an in-depth analysis of the fashion choices that made this video so iconic. 

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My favorite look was the Tartan plaid set by Charles Jeffrey Loverboy. Not only the print is incredible and the colors go well with the set, but also the fabric treatment used for the three pieces is really interesting and unique. You can see the spike-gathers on the fabric along each garment, which elevated the pieces to the next level. 

Before watching this video, I was tired of seeing berets for this season, but this one from Loverboy is unusual. It has that grungey loose style that was perfect fr Taemin's video and it is made of the unique spike-gathered fabric. It also has a giant safety pin that is a staple detail in K-pop fashion history. 

- Tamashana safety-pin beret: Charles Jeffrey Loverboy

- Spike-gathered tartan wool bomber jacket: Charles Jeffrey Loverboy

I wasn't able to find the bermuda shorts by Carles Jeffrey Loverboy. But I have three theories about these shorts: 
  1. The shorts are sold out, but you could find them online at some point.
  2. The stylist cropped the pants and that's why I am not able to find the bermuda shorts online.
  3. The brand/designer created these shorts specifically for Taemin and this shoot.
I could be right or I could be wrong! but you can still get the pants with the cool fabric treatment here: SSENSE


As I mentioned during the youtube video we are used to seeing black and white suits with the left or the right part of each color, but this time Taemin wore a suit with a white back and a black front. This created a beautiful effect when the dancers wearing the same color were following Taemin while dancing.
Another detail to point out is the silhouette of this suit which is simple and clean. The suit fits Taemin's body well and has some parts around the shoulders that accentuated and widened Taemin's back and shoulders, it has a good size lapel and the length of the pants is right for Taemin's height.

The shirt doesn't have the typical white and black checker print. Each "white" square had a miniature print that creates an optical illusion when looking directly at the overall print of the shirt. And if you pay attention to Taemin's tie, it has a checker print as well. The tie features a black and dark grey print that tones down the look of the checker print shirt. 

- Checker Print Shirt: Classic shirt - Louis Vuitton.  
- Checker Print Tie: Damier Gold Tie - Louis Vuitton.  


For this look, Taemin wore an oversized jacket that seems to be made of black leather or faux leather with some white abstract patches of a similar material and also silver zippers and accents. I like this piece and think it goes well with the background of this specific scene. If you notice some white pieces or straps are accumulated in the back and have a similar movement to the abstract shapes attached to the jacket. These types of details are the ones that I appreciate the most during a music video.


By now, Taemin is known for his balaclavas or face cover. We have seen him wearing this type of piece for his solo music videos multiple times and I am still supporting this look for him. This specific balaclava has a raw hem and is made of a knit sweater material, it also has a mouth shape created with white threads which gives a dark and mysterious look to the piece. It features thin silver chains around the top part of the head and goes well with the same background strappy detail I mentioned before.

- High-top Sneakers: Rick Owens


This look really puzzled me. Let's start with the jacket: The silhouette of this jacket looks simple at first sight, but when you see the back of the jacket in detail, you would be able to see all the seam lines that make the structure of the back sturdier which I think it is beautiful. The thorn print jacket goes well with the flow of the background and the grey shade made Taemin stand out. 
- The white pants really surprised me because it looks like they have two black zipper tapes on the front. My designer's brain started questioning this piece:  "How could it be that the designer just added zippers to create a strappy look?" and " Did the designer just sew the zippers along the waistband?". No matter what the answers to my questions are, one thing is sure the look is cohesive. 


To balance the grunginess and the dark looks of this music video, the stylist decided to add a casual sporty look with a twist. Everyone was raving about this white sporty look because it showcased a cropped hoodie and the boxer's and crop top's band were visible adding a suggestive detail to the entire look.  I am still not sure if the Supreme top is actually a top or a sports bra since I haven't seen a Supreme crop top before, but it could be a reworked piece with the red Supreme elastic band. 

- Supreme Boxers: Stockx
- Supreme Sports Bra: Frankie Collective

Can we talk about his hair for this comeback? AMAZING! Long hair looks great on him and the grey stands are so cool. I am definitely out of words to describe the great job that the stylist did for this music video. The attention to detail is impeccable and the fashion choices are definitely inspiring for me as a fashion designer. 
Which one was your favorite look? 

Thanks for reading
Lina Mayorga

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