Online shopping has transformed our lives completely. Ten years ago, we were pretty skeptical about this type of shopping, but now according to Bazaarvoice, 49% of consumers shop online more than they did pre-COVID-19. Nowadays, people prefer to buy online than at a store.

The problem is that some people are not aware that the shipping process, the handling, and the packaging of the products they get online generate CO2, and this one keeps adding to the dangerous change of our global climate. Every day in the U.S. alone, packages travel the same distance as going to the moon and back 133,000 times!

There are several ways to combat climate change by reducing your carbon footprint. Today I will explain my new favorite way to shop Carbon neutral, and it is called ECOCART.

Ecocart logo Lina Mayorga extending her arms to the sun people using the laptiop to buy online graphic about how Ecocart eliminates the carbon footprint of your online orders

What's EcoCart, and How it works?

EcoCart is a free Chrome extension that allows us to shop carbon-neutral at over 10,000 stores. Each time you shop at one of their stores, a button pops up, and you can activate it to make your order carbon neutral. With one click, EcoCart automatically calculates and eliminates the carbon footprint of your online orders. Pretty cool, right? We all buy things online; let’s neutralize the emissions with this tool.

EcoCart will plant a tree for each install that comes from my EcoCart page https://ecocart.io/Fashion-Fab-News, and you and I will see the running total of trees we have planted right from this page! I want to see how many new trees we can plant together; please follow the link.

How can they make my order carbon neutral?

When you activate EcoCart on one of their partner stores and checkout, they receive a commission that EcoCart uses to fund certified carbon offset projects. These projects are carefully vetted, ethically proven, and scientifically verified according to the world’s major carbon standards and by donating to projects that go through rigorous carbon offset testing. 
Some of their projects include providing clean water to families in Cambodia, building wind turbines in Turkey, and forest protection projects in the United States.

Why do you have to care about your carbon footprint?

An increase in our carbon footprint is associated with climate change that has led us to global warming, rising sea levels, extinction of our wildlife, and health issues. Your online orders generate significant carbon footprints before they get to your doorstep and. But for the product to get to you, there must be a transportation method like a plane, train, car, etc., that will carry your new product from the warehouse to your home, and this process creates CO2 emissions. We live on this planet; let’s be kind to it because it gives us everything we have. At least, let’s install EcoCart’s Chrome extension that helps us all.

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Lina M Mayorga

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