The Growth of Fashion Influencers in 2020

Every day when you wake up and grab your phone, you find a new post on social media by an influencer that you like. Fashion influencers and bloggers are writing articles every single minute that help and push people not only to look better but also to buy clothes via all the social media platforms. 

Fashion brands use the positive influence of the influencers to implement to their brand's strategies because influencers can increase brand awareness, contribute to a positive brand image, and this way they make the brands increase sales and get more followers by tagging the fashion brands in their posts. Many influencers are followed for their style and authentic personality and some of them because they prefer to work exclusively with brands that they really like and feel they can identify and influence people according to their style, opinions, and taste, but there are other groups of influencers that not only think about business and do not declare connection to any brand and just promote their own brand.

The most remarkable thing about influencers is that they are regular people and not models necessarily and that they show people their personal touch and point of view and this way they make the fashion industry more appealing and democratic because they are not governed by editors or magazines.
In the beginning, fashion blogs were created as a hobby by fashion lovers or fashion designers to share their opinion of the latest trends, but at this moment we can say that influencers are successful and generate their income through social media, brand cooperation, and affiliate links. They can quit their jobs and focus only on their social media career influencing people. A good example of a successful influence is Maristella from Italy. I invite you to listen to the enclosed youtube audio. LINK

Influencers and bloggers can use either Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Youtube to build huge businesses and monetize their influence without spending a lot of money to gain new followers if they wish to do it that way. That is one of the big reasons why more people are becoming influencers, people want to trust them and follow all their recommendations

We can see how people changed their minds and only buy clothes relying on fashion influencers and their opinions. Fashion Influencer marketing has become number 1 in the industry. Some fashion influencers choose to pose with specific products on their social media channels and others place individual links on their blog to lead consumers to a website when they can directly shop the look gaining some revenue from each sale.

Let’s check the below link which explains why many fashion designers became the new Instagram influencers https://www.wsj.com/articles/how-fashion-designers-became-the-new-instagram-influencers and let me know what you think about it.

There are two types of fashion bloggers: Eco-Friendly Fashion Bloggers and fast fashion bloggers. The Eco-Friendly Fashion Bloggers are the ones that prefer environmentally friendly products and organic materials. Sustainability refers to how the materials used and production practices affect the environment and our society.  I am a sustainable fashion blogger and designer and with my blog, I encourage my readers to buy clothes that were made ethically protecting people and the environment. I also promote vegan and cruelty-free products like skincare and fitness supplements. My designs are sustainable and I am transforming my social media presence to be like my designs and my brand - sustainable, vegan and ethical. 

At this moment, when the COVID-19 is affecting all people around the world and changing our minds, we have to start thinking more about the planet and the environment. I want to encourage all my fellow influencers to explore the green side of the industry because we have the power to transform minds and help businesses. 
If you want more articles like this, please let me know and I will give you my insight into more social media topics. 
Thanks for reading
Lina Mayorga 

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