Christian Dior Spring 2018 Couture - Review

Dior has always been a fashion house that I admire deeply. I have always looked up to Christian Dior and his aesthetic to find inspiration and grow as a designer. This Dior's Spring 2018 under Maria Grazia Chiuri’s artistic direction makes me have some mixed feelings about the season and the selection of silhouettes and prints. 
Chiuri is an amazing designer who did a great job while working for Valentino and I truly believe that she is a good fit for Dior, but I find this collection very "heavy" to the eyes - let me explain more about it later on).

For this season, black and white were the main "colors", dots and checkerboard prints ruled the collection and runway.  The surrealist symbolism was very clear and the addition of delicate eye masks added the perfect extra touch to the catwalk.
Subtle details such as Dior's slogans on the models' bodies - “L’amour est toujours deviant vous. Aimes!” = “Love is always before you. Love!”, and - “L’imaginaire est ce qui tend à devenir réel”=“The imaginary is what tends to become real” were nice and powerful messages included in the elegant and sexy black and white fashion show.

This collection is full of red carpet-worthy gowns and dresses. You can see the celebrities wearing Dior for the next award ceremonies just by looking at each look. There's no way to go wrong with a Dior gown for a gala, but in reality, even when this collection is beautiful and exquisite, it could have been a bit too much for Dior. 
Leonor Fini was an artist who inspired Christian Dior and Maria Grazia Chiuri has been using Fini's legacy to find inspiration for her collections. I think this is amazing because looking at Leonor Fini's work I noticed that this woman was ahead of her time and painted intriguing pieces. The problem here is to know exactly how to balance the use of an idea and just to gather some aspects from the concept and develop a collection on your own way (I hope this makes sense!). If Chiuri wanted to have a collection inspired by the Surrealism, shouldn't have used details that are obviously taken from the surrealism movement in the way she did it.  
But who am I to judge Chiuri, right? I am only an emerging designer and she is ... Dior's creative director. I am just giving my honest opinion because I was expecting so much more from Dior this season and I am not amused. What are your thoughts about this collection? Let me know.
Thank you.
- Lina Mayorga


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